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austinpangeeks's Journal

Austin Pan-Geeks
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The central focus is to raise awareness of fun, geeky events in the Austin area.
Welcome to Austin Pan-Geeks! We are a collection of Geeks from Austin, Texas that come from different backgrounds, interests and hobbies who gather to share our love of all things geeky. We are an unincorporated not-for-profit, volunteer run organization. Our group encompasses sci-fi and fantasy fandom, gaming, cosplay, and anything else geeky that is of interest to our membership.

Our regular monthly event, "LAST SUNDAY" is held on the last Sunday of each month at a member's house. We usually watch a movie or television episodes of the host's choice, have a pot-luck, and business meeting. At times there will be gaming, crafting, model building or other activities.

To stay up to date on Austin Pan-Geeks activities consider joining our Yahoo! group. To join send a blank email to austinpangeeks-subscribe@yahoogroups.com