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Star Trek: The Next Generation 'Best of Both Worlds' Viewing - Austin Pan-Geeks [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Star Trek: The Next Generation 'Best of Both Worlds' Viewing [Apr. 2nd, 2013|07:55 am]
Austin Pan-Geeks


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What: TNG 'Best of Both Worlds' on the Big Screen
When: Thursday, April 25th
Where: Cinemark Southpark Meadows (I-35 & Slaughter Lane)
Why: For the update effects, the combination of Parts One & Two into one feature length episode, and because its STAR TREK on a theater screen!

To promote the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation's third season and a seperate release of 'The Best of Both Worlds' on blu ray, Fathom Events will be showing the third season finale/fourth season premiere as a feature length episode.

I'll be wearing one of my new Star Trek costumes, complete with commbadge, phaser & tricorder.

The showing is at 7:00 (I already have my ticket), so let's meet up at 6:30. There was a TNG-themed preshow when I went to the event for the second season. I'm hoping for more of the same for this one.

For more information and to get tickets -